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2021 Engagement Schedule






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 Sun 4/25 10:00am

 Salem UCC in Jacobus (outdoors, under pavilion if raining)

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 Sun 5/30 09:00am Stone Church Memorial Day Service - Cancelled  Directions Map
 Sun 6/13 02:30pm

 Hanover Elks Flag Day Ceremony

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 Sun 7/04 01:00pm

 Country Meadows

 1:00-3:00pm Directions Map
 *Sat 7/31 05:00pm Glatfelter Family Reunion Picnic  Directions Map



 Sat 8/28 04:00pm St. Paul Church Picnic (Zeigler's) 4:00-8:00pm Directions Map
 Sun 8/29 09:15am Paradise Lutheran Church in Thomasville (Cancelled if raining)  Directions Map
 Sun 9/12 10:00am Trinity UCC in Glen Rock  Directions Map
 *Sun 9/18 03:00pm Spring Grove Historical Society (Dub's Picnic Grove) - Cancelled 3:00-6:00pm Directions Map
 Sun 9/19 01:00pm Brodbeck's Band Family Picnic at Zeigler's Picnic Grove - Cancelled
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 Sun 9/26 09:45am Immanuel UMC in Glen Rock (Glen Rock Park) - Cancelled  Directions Map
 Sat 10/9 11:00am Veteran's Car Show (at Glen Rock American Legion Post #403) 11:00-3:00pm Directions Map
Sun 11/14 8:50am Mt. Zion United Methodist Church  
  Fri 12/10 7:00pm Jefferson Square Tree Lighting Ceremony
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 Schedule Dates Confirmed as of October 28, 2021 

* Represents Private Engagements